Less distraction, better conversion


Around the UK, thousands of media buyers have to check a dozen of websites daily to find clear information about advertising formats.

Traditionally, media buyers end up either getting in touch with media owners or having a quick look around websites.

In the process, lots of companies may be ruled out simply because their websites are not friendly enough or offer a poor experience. T4media is a media owner company and as part of a drive to reduce friction on between users and them, a new website has been planned out and designed.


Key Business Research Findings

In general, users of T4’s website fall into one of the three categories: Media Buyers, Marketers and Designers.


Key User Research Findings

In all three cases, User Needs would fall into one of following categories: ProductInformation, Product Image Gallery, Site Location, Data Collection, Contact Information and Artwork Spec.



Facilitate the process of gathering information T4 website and encourage users to perform any form of interaction, whether it is a search for sites, go browse through the photo gallery or put an enquiry forward.



1. Users get a better first impression of both product and company when information can be found with ease
2. A better experience will play a part in the process of decision making
3. Answering question early in the process reduces the number of enquiries not related to revenue generation put through


The proposal

Optimise content a user flow on the website so all three types of users can have quick and easy access to the 5 categories listed above. Also, create a funnel leading people to interact with the website whether by searching for sites or getting in touch.


User Flow





User Interface


In the process, it became apparent that not just the website needed some attention but also brand id and logo too. T4 has been on the market for over 20 years so the idea was to preserve its character and just add a more contemporary look and feel to it.


In Closing

After a series of efforts to better communicate and understand users, T4 was able to solve an occurring problem for its users: to gather information quickly and easily about advertising formats.

Sometimes companies in good faith overwhelm their users with content that neither is relevant to what they’re after or appropriate for the moment.

Thanks for reading the article and I hope you’ve appreciated.