Landlord Portal


As part of Engage PropTech's Product Team, I was challenged to change the way the Property Sector functions. The brief was simple - enough of spending hours writing down emails or waiting on the line for an unsatisfactory response.

Yes I know, that's a very ambitious goal. And don't get me wrong, I never thought this would be a walk in the park, however, we had a plan.

The Property Market jigsaw is made out of infinite pieces and therefore no one single part is responsible for its flaws or successes. And this is exactly how we've decided to tackle it - by pieces.

Here I'll give you a quick idea of how we went about solving the problems of one big piece of the jigsaw - Landlords.

Lettings Environment


The problem

After some research and discussions, we've chosen kick off the project addressing the following three pain points:


1. Difficult to get hold of property/ portfolio updates
2. Lack of financial data transparency
3. Communication between Landlord and Agency/ Tenant limited to working hours

the solution


1. Bridge the gap between Landlords and relevant data
2. Empower Landlords so they can make better-informed decisions
3. Facilitate conversations between Landlords and relevant stakeholders

The result


After much consideration, we come up with the Landlord Portal. This is a place where Landlords quickly find out what's going on with their property or portfolio 24/7 without having to rely on a Property Manager. The portal also gives them the ability to access all relevant data whether that's on a property or portfolio level.


Landlords can have from one to hundreds and hundreds of properties so Landlord Portal has been designed scalable and flexible. The portal not only offers high-level information such as maintenance requests but also granular financial data on-demand.

Screens desktop 2.png

Landlord Portal project is a work in progress and as things move forward I'll keep updating this page. Thanks for your visit.